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Getting Started

Virtual Production might seem daunting to filmmakers and clients unfamiliar with the technology. However, we want to emphasize that by engaging in thorough pre-production discussions with our team, you'll find that productions with the volume can feel just as familiar as shooting on a real-world set. 



Some common questions about D&N Studios

How do I get started?

To get started on your first virtual production project, just get in touch! We'll arrange a discovery meeting to discuss your concept, outline the requirements, and kickstart the design phase.  We recommend a prep/pre-light day to get acclimated. For new clients, we offer a complimentary prep-day. After completing the pre-production process, everyone will be well-prepared for the shoot, ensuring quick and camera-ready final images.

What kind of assets do I need?

Not every production requires full, camera-tracked, 3D environments. Many clients can achieve outstanding results using plates, 3D stills exported from Unreal or even AI-generated backgrounds. In the discovery process we'll help you determine the best and most cost effective option for your unique production.

What about the real set elements?

We certainly recommend thinking about not only backgrounds for the LED wall, but also foreground and mid-ground art. That being said, productions can range from very simple with just a few strategically placed props, all the way to a full practical set build. Generally speaking, the more you can blend the real and virtual worlds, the better the outcome.

What if I need crew or gear?

We can help! We have grip and lighting packages on site to fit your production and can connect you with the right people for the job.

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